_ bread, ham rinds and smoked laurel butter


_ cabage and potato soup

To share – meat

_ tartar and grilled cabbage

_ cow tongue, rustic bread and coriander dressing

_ stewed gizzards and grilled chicken hearts

_ duck patties (2 units)

_ cabidela chicken rice

_ travesso style tripes

To share – fish

_ braga style codfish

_ shells in bulhão pato sauce

_ portuguese ceviche

_ fried cuttlefish and tartar dressing

_ codfish croquettes and green salsa

_ tuna and xiripiti pica-pau

_ mackerel marinade

Full plate (for 2)

_ roasted octopus and coriander dressing

_ lafões style roasted veal

_ bone in ribeye steak dry . aged for 35 days . 800gr (2 sides included)

_ fish rice with lobster broth


_ grilled mushroom bread soup with egg (1px)


_ turnip greens rice with chorizo

_ bread crumbs, black-eyed peas, chorizo and cabbage

_ fried corn

_ turnip green purée

_ tomato and cucumber fresh salad


_ crème brûlée and orange jam

_ portuguese sponge cake, serra da estrela cheese and sliced apple

_ smoked chocolate mousse, rosemary meringue, olive oil and salt flower

_ wafer cake

_ abade de priscos flan