Yes, we are mischievous. We played a trick on the rythm of the present by lingering to the slow burner of the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

We are pleased to bring to the table the flavors of Portugal combining the seasoning of the new culinary techniques with the wise intuition of our elders. Everything to make you feel at home, just like in those Sunday family gatherings where we leave with a full belly and a happy palate. At the same time, we embrace the cosmopolitan charm of the city. This Porto city, now of the world but with the anchor in the affections, that inspires our prime in the comfort and the warmth in the well-receive.

The doors are open and easy to find. In the street that everyone calls “Picaria”, right in the center of the city and its gastronomy, we are the simple and the authentic ones. In ways and flavors.


On the kitchen counter, we mix old knowledge with contemporary cooking techniques. Around here, we add aromas and textures with the cheat sheet of sensory memory.
The result is a search of our Portuguese roots, a return to the essence of the traditional dishes, which have so often tucked our mischievous being and that we share with you today, in a ritual of celebration.